Thursday, June 21, 2007

Supplement Rubber Stamping By Offering Craft Lessons

Maybe you were lucky enough to find a way to make money out of your passion for rubber stamp crafts, and even launched your own crafting business. But now you find yourself wondering how to make extra money from your crafts. One of the best and easiest ways to supplement your crafting business is by offering craft lessons.

How can you start your own crafting classes? A good way to begin supplementing your crafting business is by organizing small home parties where you can invite friends, family members, and co-workers. This is a wonderful way to ease into teaching. If you’re a little nervous about the idea of teaching, remember that a home party is basically just a small gathering of friends. Focus on your love for your craft have confidence in your skills, and the rest will follow.

At your home party, ensure that your guests have a memorable experience by making the lesson as pleasurable as possible. Prepare well, provide light refreshments, and send your guests off with a completed craft, or if this is not possible, some sort of sample or party favor. You can bet that if your guests have a good time and enjoyed the experience of crafting with you, they will tell their friends, and positive word of mouth will begin to spread.

If you feel comfortable teaching at a professional level, you may want to seek out your local community college. Many community colleges offer non-credit, community development, crafts classes that are always in need of instructors. Teaching part-time is an excellent way to supplement your income. Be aware that to get this type of teaching position you will have to demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in your field. If you are a novice in your craft area, the chances of getting hired for this type of position is slim.

Teaching at a local college is not only a good way to make extra money, it also allows for an excellent opportunity to network and make contacts. When telling your students about your expertise and background, mention your crafting business. This type of exposure is invaluable because you are targeting a room full of individuals who have a deep interest in your craft.

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